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24hr Blood Pressure Test

Ken Ali & John Fisher
Ken Ali setting up and fitting the blood pressure monitor

The monitor is fairly small and light so you hardly know you are wearing it, then approx every 20 minutes the arm band pumps up, your blood pressure and pulse is recorded.
It was a little difficult getting to sleep at night and by the end of the 24hrs I was pleased to have the monitor removed.

Ken then asked if I had been a good boy over the pass 24hrs as the monitor would tell him what I have been up to over the last 24hrs.

I wonder why he waited until after the test to tell me that? 

The reason I was having this test is that my blood pressure is slightly too high, it could just be white coat syndrome which basically means being in a hospital and having doctors around. So having a 24hr test will give them a true reading of what my pressure is.

A 24hr ECG monitor is much the same size and weight, accept leads are attached to your chest for the 24hr period.

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