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Hizentra solution
through Subcutaneous Injection

Immunity to infection and how it can change after Transplant.

After Rachel's transplant it soon became apparent that her immunity to infection was lower than it should be, she spent the first year in and out of hospital fighting off infection after infection. Her immunity to infection was tested and it came back that she didn't produce as much as she should. After a meeting the immunology consultant put a case together to request Rachel receive Hizentra solution which belongs to the class of medicines called a human normal immunoglobulin. Immunoglobulin are also known as antibodies and are blood proteins that help your body fight infection. As it is a blood product (human blood plasma) and is not easily obtained, you can only receive it if your case is successful, luckily Rachel's case was successful.
Rachel receives the Hizentra solution through subcutaneous injection, this means that one needle is place into each of her thighs and the solution is ran through a infusion pump directly into her. This is a aseptic technique and must be recorded. This is carried out weekly at home. (To administer this you have to be trained in hospital first) and normally last anything from 1 to 11/2 hours.
Rachel is on a 18 month trial (due to expense and availability) and if proven successful she will stay on this the rest of her life.
Since Rachel started this treatment we have noticed a massive difference, her quality of life has improved and the hospital admissions have decreased, she has fought of infections and generally seems healthier.



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