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The idea to finish product

I read a quotation made by Christiaan Barnard

"For a dying man a transplant is not a difficult decision. If a lion chases you to a river filled with crocodiles, you will leap in the water convinced you have a chance to swim to the other side. But you would never accept such odds it there were no lion."

This gave me the idea for a postcard, the problem was I can't draw so I asked my son Chris to try.

This is his first attempt.


Well I could see that although it was far better than I could do it still wasn't going to be good enough.

Weeks, then months and then a couple of years went by without me being able to find someone who could draw the picture for me.

Then the British Heart Foundation sent me on a Photo Shoot to promote the London Marathon 2004. Here I met cartoonist Tim Sutcliffe and after a bit of gentle persuasion he agreed to draw the cartoon for me.


He emailed me the above and then while chatting to him on the telephone I agreed it was perfect, he told me he would colour it over the weekend and post the finish article to me. Well Charlie my youngest daughter (then aged 9) was listening to the conversation and took a copy of the picture from my printer tray.

Sometime later she came to see me and said "You can tell your friend there is no need for him to colour the picture as I have done it." I hadn't yet looked at the coloured picture she had done and I was wondering how I was going to turn her down. 

But when I looked at her colouring it was superb, after years of thinking about it my postcard was near completion.


Now the "B" side. I wanted to mention my donor and how grateful I am, I wanted to promote the organ donor card and the heart transplant website I had built.

I applied to UKTransplant for permission to use the donor card logo and their slogan. Then phoned my donors mum and asked if I could mention him on the postcard, all that was left was to find a printer.


I looked on the internet and came across Datadrum and then spoke to Hayley Loveday. Within a few weeks I had the proof and it was perfect.


The best part of all is that as part of my Affiliation as a support group with the British Heart Foundation they made the very generous offer to pay for the printing of the card.


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