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Organ Donor LogoUKTransplant Organ Donor Regisiter, follow the link and join on line.
Transplants Save Lives
0845 60 60 400

UK National Blood Service, become a blood donor and help save lives.
08457 711 711

BHF Logo
Charity organisation that promotes heart care, heart information and helps fund heart research


UKT Logo
The UK Transplant Official Website, with news, donor info, statistics on the current waiting list and transplant operations done in the UK to date.


This website was set up by Martha Goggin and her husband following the death of there son, Éamonn in July 2006.
a website created as a dedication to the humanity and selflessness of all organ donors, and to achnowledge the great courage and determination shown by all involved in the movement in the face of great personal adversity and challenge.

2020 logo
UK based domain name and advanced hosting company that host this website, Rex and his team have been very helpful in the setting up and running the website.


Outback At Outback Steakhouse you should prepare yourself for high quality food and service, generous portions, and moderate prices, in a casual atmosphere suggestive of the Australian Outback. The restaurant features large booths and tables, and a collection of Aussie memorabilia.
Outback have been superb sponsors of this charity...

The Nama Logo
For domain names and budget hosting - The name have hosted this website since we began and they have always been very helpful. I would personally highly recommemd them.

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