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The Tread Mill

Exercise TestCartoonist Bill Ansell had a heart transplant at Harefield Hospital in 1991. Shortly after his treadmill/exercise test he drew this cartoon. 

10 years on and they still use this technique. Only now we have Ann who has added an extra torture, she I am sure puts her hands in the freezer for 10 minutes before touching any patients, especially me.

Exercise TestExercise TestExercise Test

So what do they do to you? First of all they attach ecg stickers to your chest, then check your pulse and blood pressure, then to make you feel really comfortable and at ease, call for a doctor to attend while the test takes place in case they are needed.

Now you step on to the treadmill, the ecg leads are attached to the stickers on your chest, the blood pressure arm band is left on your arm, then a clip is put on your nose, and then you have to put a mouth piece in your mouth so that the amount of oxygen you breathe in, and the amount of carbon dioxide you breathe out during the test can be monitored.

Ok your under starters orders and we're off, not to bad at first on the flat at a steady pace. Three minutes on and suddenly were going up hill, still not so bad ecg and blood pressure being taken, Ann then with a big smile asks if you are feeling ok, I am sure she is enjoying every minute. Another three minutes even higher and a little faster, now I am being to feel tired, this thing in my mouth isn't helping, nine minutes done and up a little higher. 9 minutes 47 seconds and my calf muscles have had enough and the test is stopped, now Ann is almost laughing she I can tell really does enjoy this part of her job.

Apparently I didn't do to bad, Ann then tells me I won't have to do this test again, then just as I begin to relax and smile, she adds with the mouth piece. She really is evil, but for some reason I still like her. I may even buy her a Christmas present (a pair of woolen gloves).

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