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John FisherJohn Fisher - Heart Transplant July 2000
Contact:- john@heart-transplants.co.uk
If you have any comments about the website, or would like to add your story please email me. I am also happy to try and answer any questions you may have about transplantation in general, or if you just want a few words of moral support.

Buddy List
Heart Buddies
This is something that was suggested by heart-recipient James Taylor, he had his transplant over 10 years ago. A transplant buddy, this is someone who has already had a transplant, they therefore understand exactly what you are going through and what comes next. James found his buddy to be very helpful, and he has now been a transplant buddy to several other pre & post transplant patients.

Please remember these people are all heart recipients and therefore do not have any kind of medical back ground, if you need medical advice always seek this from your own doctors.

This list is in Alphabetical Order
I have met most of the people on this list and found them all to be very nice and helpful people. They are all from totally different back grounds and have different personalities, but we all have one thing in common, We owe our life's to the generosity of organ donors and their families.


Jan Andrews

Jan Andrews had her heart transplant at QEH Birmingham in December 1997 She has three daughters and two grandchildren and lives in Bristol.

Contact: jan_andrews@hotmail.com



Mike Doyle
Mike Doyle
Heart Transplant April 1989. Mike is a keen golfer and has won Gold Medals for it during several Transplant Games. Mike lives just over a mile from my house and has been a great transplant buddy to me both pre and post transplant. His transplant story is on this website, Mike is now also the Vice-Chairman of the Charity
Contact:- doyly@talktalk.net


Jill EdwardsJill Edwards, heart transplant 21st November 1990. Jill is a leading member of a hospital transplant club (the hamsters) this club was set up especially for transplant patients with sport and exercise in mind. You can read her story on the personal story page.
Contact:- jill.peter26@btinternet.com


Bob Pitcock
Bob Pitcock
- Heart Transplant January 1991
I have been a transplant buddy to several people both young and old, I dearly love to chat to all my cyber friends world wide and would love to add you to that wonderful list. Bob now has his own column on the website for his transplant up dates and stories.
Contact:- hrttplnt13@sbcblobal.net


Ann Woodbridge

Ann Woodbridge, had her heart transplant on 2nd July 1990, you can also read her story on the personal story page . Ann regularly visits pre-transplant patients at Harefield Hospital in her capacity as members secretary for the hamsters transplant club.
Contact:- a.woodbridge@ntlworld.com


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