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Our Patrons
James Thompson
MMA Fighter
Vinnie Jones
Football & Movie Star
Tanya Jones
Heart Transplant 1987


Honorable President
Sir Prof Magdi Yacoub

John Fisher
Heart Transplant July 2000

Michael Doyle
Heart Transplant Apr 1989

Cheryl Thompson

Administrator for Harefield Hospital High Dependency Unit

Leyon Joseph
Manager for a gas company

Event Coordinator
Paul Wright

Senior Marketing & Development Consultant

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Affiliated to
The British Heart Foundation

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Mission Statement
Charity Registration  No 1106248

To Transplant and Beyond was established to give hope, encouragement and support to transplant patients, their families, friends and carers during a very traumatic time in their lives. It conveys the positive side of transplantation, by showing what can be achieved and by encouraging as many people as possible to join the donor register, so that many more lives can be saved.

The Charity is totally non-profit and all the committee members give up their time for free.

The Charity was formed in August 2000 by our Chairman John Fisher, shortly after his heart transplant. We became a Registered Charity in August 2004 due to the escalating costs and a desire to do more.

* We promote the organ donor register and encourage people to think and talk about organ transplantation, in the hope that they will join the organ donor register. Fact:- over 400 people in the UK each year die due to the lack of organs available for transplantation.

* We support patients and carers pre & post transplant, which includes hospital visits, talks and presentations.

* We are members of several committees which enables us to stand up for heart patients, and ensure they get the best deal possible.

* We get regular national media coverage and raise positive transplant and donor awareness.

* We are affiliated to the British Heart Foundation

* We give talks and presentations on transplantation, and also attend several seminars as one of the main speakers.

* We built this website in August 2000 and have maintained it, with regular up dates and new information.

All the above cost money that we desperately need funding for, if you can help then pleased do make a donation.

Thanks to the generous donations we have had in the past we have slowly grown and been able to help more people.

We would very much appreciated any donation you are able to make.

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To Transplant and Beyond
Unit 12
Saxon Way Trading Estate
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07956 312298


Chairman Report 2012 - 13

December 12 - Later this month we will be recording some Podcast interviews - we have set up a FaceBook Page, Twitter account and Website under the new title of TransplantChat. This is still part of the charity although we are running it under its own Title.
I (John Fisher) have entered the new Ride London 100 cycle event which takes place in London on 4th August 2013, I will also be doing the London Marathon, my 12th since transplant.


Chairman Report 2011 - 12

August 11 - Re-apply for British Heart Foundation Core Funding.

September 11 - British Heart Foundation agree to some core funding and us working closer together on transplantation matters.

October 11 - Visit to the Houses of Parliment to discuss Out-Out for Transplantation in Wales, we are hoping that Wales will lead the way and be the first to change the law on transplantation from the current system of Out-In to a Soft version of Opt-Out.

November 11 - BBC Radio5 Live interview Concerning Opt-Out for Transplantation - BBC Radio Surrey interview on Opt-Out for transplantation.

December 11 - BBC Radio5 Live interview concerning NICE and retraining Transplant Co-ordinators and the words and way their approach possible donor families. BBC Radio London interview covering a kidney transplant where a woman gave a kidney to someone she met at a party.

January 12 - Interview with Martin Yelling for MarathonTalk.com

February 2012
I was invited to give a presentation and talk on transplantation to the British Heart Foundation, I am pleased to say it was well attended and that the staff asked some very interesting questions. Radio 4 interview on Opt Out and how can we improve the amount of transplants that are done.

10th May 2012
The London Marathon is now done and dusted, my 11th since heart transplant in July 2000.
I am pleased to say that by running this year I managed to raise some superb Transplant and Donor Awareness, Daily Mirror centre pages (link to on-line version is)
Daily Mirror On-Line
BBC TV Sport live interview on the day, Horizin TV Interview on the day and BBC Radio London, as well as BBC Radio 5 Live.

Chairman Report 2010 - 11

August 10 - Live BBC Radio interviews 5 Live & 3 Counties where I disagreed with the idea of cash for organs and again tried to get across the Opt Out option rather than the current Opt In.
Also added a request from Oxford University for people to help with some research they are doing about donor families and recipients.
I have also been to help find some people on the transplant waiting list who are will to be interview for a documentery.

September 10 - TV and Radio interviews discussing the option of "Cash for Organs", we are against this and infavour of the Opt Out System.

October 10 - I am pleased to say that one of the local branchs of The FreeMasons has made us their charity for 2011, I am hoping that apart from some well needed funding to help keep the Charity and Website running, it will also raise a lot of Transplant and Donor awareness and help us promote the Opt Out System for transplantation which will lead to 100's of lives being saved.

November 10 - Article/Statement in the "Lets Start The Debate" Booklet, this is part of our partnership/membership of the Cardio & Vascular Coalition.

December 10 - I am pleased to say that a couple of school students have asked to help us promote transplantation and organ donation as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

January 11 - Radio Five Live, Drive-time interview with Professor Bell discussing Cash for Organ, where I tried again to put forward the benefits of Opt Out.

Febuary 11 - Working closely with the FreeMasons as we approach their Ladies Night Charity Dinner. Apply for British Heart Foundation Core Funding.

March 11 - Attend The FreeMasons Ladies Night Charity Dinner - BHF interview, filming and photo shoot for their 50th Year Book.

Chairman Report 2009 - 10

August 09 - London Triathlon with our charity team - a dinner meeting with the Mayor of Richmond and the Lib-Dem MP Vincent Cable...

Sept 09 - We now have our own donor leaflet to promote transplantation thanks to a very generous donatation by Simon Bhyed Mayor of Spelthorne May 2008 - 2009 - We have several people taking part in the Great North run wearing charity T Shirt and raising some money for the charity.

Oct 09 -

Nov 09 - We purchase several charity places in the London Triathlon and already have most of the places taken.

Dec 09 - We apply for 15 charity places in the Great North Run and pleased to say we are accepted - We get our own charity Christmas cards printed that match our new donor card leaflet - TCR Show advertise TTAB on their website with a free stand at their show in Feb 2010.

Chairman Report 2008-9

August 08 - London Triathlon a Charity team of around 50 people took part for us - Charity stand on finish line of London Tri for the weekend - BBC Radio interviews - 220 Triathlon Magazine coverage - Triathlon World Magazine Coverage - Get 6 charity places for Great North Run - Attend Mayor's Golf Dinner and give presentation -

September 08 - Charity Bingo night Outback Steakhouse Staines - Triathlon Charity Team Celebration Dinner - Renew Website Hosting etc - Granted British Heart Foundation core funding

October 08 - Donor Awareness Day with a charity stand in Staines High Street - Take part in Dublin Marathon, inluding TV and Radio interviews and newspaper coverage - Attend Mayor's Trafalgar Lunch

November 08 - Charity Dinner and Race night Staines Rugby Club - Radio 5 Live interview for opt-out - Set-up new office - Purchase and set-up office network

December 08 - British Heart Foundation PAG meeting - Purchase 0800 9 55 66 55 with a one off payment for life (no run running costs) - Change Franking Machine company to cheaper supplier - Organise London triathlon team 2009 - Apply for 15 Great North Run Charity Places.

January 09 - Meeting at Portillise House (house of commons) to discuss opt out for organ donation - Finish sending out London tri team confirmation forms to the new team for 2009 - Pay for the Great North Places and advertise in running fitness mag.

February 09 - Attend Mayor's Charity Ball - Generous donation made to us by Barclays Bank as they match the amout raised at the auction during the Ball.

March 09 - Purchase a timber building to be used as a storage unit rather than rent space for a never ending period.

April 09 - London Marathon live BBC TV interview (dressed as Santa!)

May 09 - Attend Mayors Civic Service (end of his term) - post out Great North Packs

June 09 - Purchase 2 donor card branded pole flags - BBC Radio interviews in connection with opt out - LBC Interviews including opt and transplantation in general.

July 09 - LBC interviews in connection with liver transplant and the opt out for organ transplantation - Also working on our own organ donor leaflet..



Chairman Report 2007 - 8

August 07 - London Triathlon  - Great National media coverage – BBC TV Sport - Runners World full page write up

September 07 – Eton Triathlon for Men's Health Magazine – National Coverage - purchase 15 London triathlon places - 17 people already signed up.

October 07 - Charity Dinner and Horse Racing Night – ITV Pride of Britain with Magdi (Winner) - Purchased a roller banner to promote charity and organ donation, purchased a branded projector screen.

November 07 – Meeting with Secretary of state for health at house of commons - 3/4 of a page write up in The Sun National News paper (opt out) - Apply for BHF core funding - Bimmerflex choose us as their charity for 2008 - Talks with Cherry Active new corporate supporter - Shanghai Marathon  - Running Fitness Coverage - Purchase 10 additional London Triathlon places - we decide to promote the opt out system for organ donors - sold 150 of our xmas cards.

December 07 – Christmas Card Campaign - Write up in London Triathlon triathlon magazine - Apply for British Heart Foundation core funding - Attend BHF Patient Advisory Panel meeting as Vice-Chairman - Review BHF patient record book - Meet Paul Larkins to discuss book - Meet up with BimmerFlex to discuss Charity Car Show in aid of our charity.

January 08 - The Prime Minister backs the opt out system for transplantation, this lead to several TV, Radio and National newspaper interviews - BBC News - BBC Radio 5 live and The Sun. Outback Steakhouse agree to make another donation to charity - Mike Doyle starts working for charity one day a week as volunteer (purchase him a laptop computer) - we decide on date for mini tri training and a fund raising event - build access data base - purchase 08456 252 252 for sole charity use - ITN London tonight interview...

February 08 - Hong Kong Marathon, Superb National Media Coverage - make arrangements with Coral Reef for mini tri - get printing proofs ready for tri team - get tops sorted - Presentations for Hillingdon Wi, Sutton Rehab. Contact & Meet deputy Mayor and ask to be one of his charities for 2008 - BHF turn down our application for core funding. Meet Paul Larkins to discuss book, meetings with CherryActive about London tri team.

March 08 – Attend meeting BHF Patient Advisory Committee - Cape Town Ultra Marathon - Talk/presentation for Harefield Hospital Transplant coordinators - local paper coverage of Hong Kong Marathon - Titania Hardie book The Rose Labyrinth is released - London Triathlon packs are all sent out.

April 08 – The Guardian & Staines Informer Cape Town write up - Interview with LBC Radio - Meet Adidas - Interview with Running Fitness, David Castle - Meeting with Mike Knapton, BHF - London Marathon - Talk for Ashford Rotary Club - Purchase Charity banners and A Frame - Chat with Great North Run and purchase charity places - Arrange interviews for an awareness story for the Daily Mirror....

May 08 - May we are held two mini triathlon training events at Coral Reef, Bracknell

June 08 – London to Brighton Bike Ride - European Transplant Games Vichy, France. Charity dinner and horse racing night, Outback Steakhouse, Staines, The Mayor of Spelthorne was our honored guest allow with five heart recipients..

July 08 - Donor awareness morning and training session at Heron Lake, Wraysbury, We are the charity for Bimmerflex annual charity BMW car show. The Mayor's Cival Service at St Hilda's Church..

August 08 – London Triathlon – Big Fund raiser with over 50people in our team – Transplant surgeons – coordinators – recipients - friends and family..


Chairman Report August 2006 - 07

September 2006  - Outback Steakhouse UK became an official supporter of the Charity donating £5000 cheque along with various charity branded clothing and branded printed stationery….

October 2006 - We took part in the Venice Marathon to raise some positive transplant and donor awareness, this event also clocked up marathon No9 completed by the Chairman, John Fisher since his heart transplant July 2000 – which added some extra press spin for the London Marathon 2007 – as it could then be billed as 10th Marathon since heart transplant. Local Press and local BBC radio coverage for the Venice Marathon was superb (Front Page of Local Informer)..

November 06 - We rented a postal franking machine which included a logo of the charity as well as the organ donor logo and telephone Numbers – A great way of promoting transplantation with every letter we send. I attended several meetings at British Heart Foundation, at their London Head Office as Vice-Chairman to their Patient Advisory Group.
Took part in the London Lord Manor Show and did a BBC TV interview with Clair Baldwin  - Fantastic coverage for such a small charity.
Main Speaker at Outback Uk Thanks giving dinner.

December 06 – Thanks to our superb link with Outback Steakhouse we have produced our own Christmas Cards to promote organ donation – combined with the franking machine logo the charity can now portray a much bigger image.
We get our own branded thank you/letter cards made – we get more pins and pens made.

January 07 – We purchased Dream Weaver website design software and built a brand new website for the charity. We begin to organise a Charity Golf Day at Ashford Manor Golf Club – The main theme to be based on Mike Doyle Vice-Chairman being 18years post heart & his 70th Birthday. Contacted several business’s for hole sponsorship etc…
We sign up to Just Giving website and apply for Tax Gift Aid.

February 07 – Building on last years very successful talks we purchased a new laptop for these presentations to go with the projector and screen we purchased last year – (laptop we had was getting very old and slow).

March 07 – We were invited to be the main speaker at the BHF fund raising annual general meeting, we also gave several talks and presentations in schools and hospitals thanks to new website and laptop.

April 07 – London Marathon 2007 – Great BBC Sport Coverage with an interview with Sue Barker – National and Local paper coverage for positive transplantation awareness, as well as local BBC Radio interview.
Main Speaker at the BHF – Heart Start Seminar.

May 2007 – Mike Doyle’s Charity Golf Day – Superbly supported by local golfers and business’s – Charity banners on main gates for the whole day – and banners on every hole – press coverage was again superb.
Great Wall of China Marathon – I was joined by Peter Russell who thanks to a BP company match raised £3000 for this event – superb Global publicity with Outback Beijing also getting involved. TV – National Press – Magazines and radio.

June 2007 – Vinnie and Tanya Jones become the official Patrons of the Charity,  Cape Town – home of world’s first heart transplant 3rd December 1967, we sign up to do the Cape Town Ultra Marathon March 2008 – as part of the 40th Anniversary Transplantation promotion theme.

July 2007 – We are main speaker at the Wellcome trust talk on transplantation with surgeon from Papworth hospital – We are invited to be on BBC Sport during London Triathlon to talk with Graham Bell on donor awareness. Runners World print article on China Marathon and invite us to be at Eton triathlon. We get cartoonist to design 2007 Christmas Card.
Arrange for 30 charity places for the London Triathlon 2008
We get some branded shoe laces made to promote transplantation.

To sum up, what a fantastic year – lets build on this success – make the most of our new Patrons Vinnie and Tanya – lets get even more people to sign up to the organ donor register and lets continue to spread the word

Transplants Save Lives…

Live Life - Then Give Life


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